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December 2009



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Dec. 5th, 2009


Sony Play You & Code Blue 2

After watch Sony Play You latest video..
one word that came out from my mouth..subarashi ^_^
they all enjoyed singing the song that lead by Gakky..
the video make me wanna go there & singing with Gakky too..
omedetou Gakky coz u made many pepople enjoyed in that event..

here are the link to those who wanna watch the video..


Another thing that make me really happy this month is about Gakky's latest drama..Code Blue season 2 ^_^
it'll be air in January 2010..

Shiraishi sensei will be back..
can't wait to watch it ^_^

*more info at Gakky.Org

Nov. 22nd, 2009


Gakky in Myojo 01 2010

Gakky in Myojo 2010..
This time Gakky went to her favorite place..sea ^_^
She looks so natural..juz luv how she posted in those pictures..

Nov. 7th, 2009


Hanamizuki~Gakky New Movie Official Annouced

Gakky's new movie Hanamizuki is official announced...
This movie will be released in summer 2010..
Gakky & Ikuta Toma look so cute ^_^

present to you 2 video clips regarding Hanamizuki movie


Ganbatte Gakky!!!

Today is the day that gakky will perform with 3000 people for Sony Play You Project..
I wish everything is successful...
Can't wait to see how she perform..
For this special day..i would like to share a clip & cm of Sony Play You Project ^_^

Oct. 27th, 2009


Gakky in B.L.T Disember 09

looks like gakky in china town??
no matter where she is..
as usual she alwayz did kawaii reaction ne..
thats why she is the 'kawaii'ness girl ^_^

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Oct. 24th, 2009


Myojo Disember 09

everytime i saw her pictures or scans or video, i'll say 'kawaii' non-stop bcoz the truth is GAKKY = KAWAII ^_^
sharing her newest scans..

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Oct. 20th, 2009



Rankings, the most wanted subordinate and travel fellow
Posted by HPriest On October - 20 - 2009

The popular search engine and web portal "goo" made yet another 2 new rankings related to female celebrities with the most recent one asking their users about who they would like to have as subordinate among all the female celebrities.

The most important thing for a good subordinate is to be a very hardworking person, but since you would have to meet that person every day, you wouldn’t mind having a pretty woman as your subordinate either, right? In this ranking goo ended up with 3 female celebrities in the 1st place – Ayase Haruka, Nagasawa Masami and Aragaki Yui. More than being known as hard workers, they are popular for their neat and clean, pure and meek image. Such "soft" features seem to be very popular when it comes to your favorite kind of subordinate.

In the older ranking (published on the 18th, so it’s basically still a very new ranking) they ask for the best female celebrity with who you could go on trip and have a really calm athmosphere. In this scenario you need someone you can harmonize with and since we are in the season of autumn, people rather seek for female celebrities who have a "soothing" character. This sounds pretty similar to the results of the poll just now, but this time we have a lot more "mature" celebrities who wouldn’t fit into the image of a subordinate from the previous poll.

The variety, dorama, gravure, multi-talent Yasu Megumi seems to be the perfect woman for such kind of relaxing trips and got voted on the 1st place. Yasu Megumi is being referred to as the "gravure queen", but next to her exceptional proportions she’s also able to win over the hearts of many men with that soft and comfortable athmosphere that’s surrounding her wherever she goes. Just imagining her pouring you sake at a Japanese-style inn combined with a hot spring… there is really no reason why she shouldn’t be on the 1st place.

Here now the full rankings:

Top 30 Female Celebrities you would like to have as a subordinate

01 – Ayase Haruka
01 – Nagasawa Masami
01 – Aragaki Yui
04 – Miyazaki Aoi
05 – Ueto Aya
06 – Aibu Saki
07 – Ishihara Satomi
08 – Nakagawa Shoko
09 – Toda Erika
10 – Kuroki Meisa
10 – Kitagawa Keiko

12 – Horikita Maki
13 – Kato Rosa
14 – Aoi Yuu
15 – Eikura Nana
15 – Inoue Mao
17 – Tabe Mikako
18 – Suzanne
19 – Fukuda Saki
19 – Minami Akina

21 – Kashii Yuu
22 – Fujimoto Miki
22 – Yoshitaka Yuriko
22 – Sasaki Nozomi
25 – YUI
25 – Fukuda Moe
25 – Naka Riisa
28 – Kinoshita Yukina
28 – Ayaka
30 – Iwasa Mayuko

Top 30 Female Celebrities with who you could and would like to have a harmonious trip (in autumn)

01 – Yasu Megumi
02 – Nagasawa Masami
03 – Ayase Haruka
04 – Yuuka
05 – Miyazaki Aoi
06 – Nagasaku Hiromi
07 – Shaku Yumiko
08 – Takeuchi Yuuko
09 – Matsushima Nanako
10 – Aragaki Yui

11 – Igawa Haruka
12 – Fukada Kyoko
13 – Tokiwa Takako
14 – Aibu Saki
15 – Itou Misaki
16 – Hirosue Ryoko
16 – Shiraishi Miho
18 – Honjo Manami
19 – Yuuki Maomi
20 – Horikita Maki

21 – Kato Ai
21 – Uchida Yuki
21 – Ishihara Satomi
24 – Suzanne
24 – Inoue Waka
26 – Fukatsu Eri
27 – Koyuki
28 – Hoshino Aki
29 – Koike Eiko
30 – Aso Kumiko

Written by: www.kawaii-joyuu.com
Sources: goo
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its been a long time since i last updated..
now i decided to write a journal again..
i hope i can share something with all my friends in this livejournal..
& for today i wanna share some pictures >>> gakky's pictures/scans of course..
douzo ^_^

Jun. 11th, 2009


Happy Birthday Gakky..

Today is Gakky's birthday.Juz wanna wish her Happy Birthday..
Although i cannot give a real present to her but i made a video as a present for her..

I hope she will be success in her career & she will stay cute forever ..
Sweet 21..

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May. 13th, 2009


smile in myojo magazine..

Another magazine's scan that catch my eyes.They look cheerful in this magazine with colourful balloons as the background and both of them wore white cloth for the theme.how luvly...

Yui Aragaki
credit Gakky.Org
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